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Adrift, The Badlands

The USS Yorktown is an Excelsior-Class starship which serves as the flagship for Obsidian Fleet's Task Force 72-C during the year 2394. We are assigned to the area of Federation space near the old Cardassian DMZ. Her mission is to keep the lanes of commerce open, rebuild what was destroyed during the costly war with the Dominion, and to project the Federation's power in the area.

We are a 13+ rated sim set in the prime Star Trek universe. We are a sim that tries to stay true to what The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine brought to our TV screens. We are seeking players who enjoy community building and developing characters. It is my mission to create a fun and interesting place to encourage creativity and my wish for the us all to build the Yorktown's story together.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us or to join us on Discord.


Capt. Lamar David
Commanding Officer
USS Yorktown


Season 1, Episode 2


Latest News Items

» July 2018 Monthly Report

Posted on Fri Aug 3rd, 2018 @ 3:44pm by Captain Lamar David in General News

Sim Updates
With the Excelsiors being retired, we have began working on our new website for the new ship. Still keeping spoilers down, but we will be changing into something much more comfortable. Most of the site work is turning to getting the new site ready for launch.

Crew Updates
We lost our CMO, Lt Tallida Ovaa due to RL obligations.

We gained a new XO in Commander Madison King and a new Chief Flight Control Officer in Lt. JG Shakar Jontar. Both have jumped right in and have made great additions to the crew.

We are on the look out for a Chief Medical Officer, a Chief of Science, and we are in need of some help in Engineering

Story Elements
We are working on our Mission, "Adrift." This mission will serve as our IC transition to our new ship as we say goodbye to the Excelsior in spectacular fashion. The Yorktown has been disabled in the Badlands with little hope of rescue. Blind to everything inside and out, the crew must do anything they can to prolong the inevitable by a few minutes to hope against hope.

We have a few scattered groups that are up putting up some large JPs. Some of the crew are trying to repair what can be fixed, some are trying to rescue friends and loved ones, and others are simply trying to reach safety. All of them are in a desperate situation, trying to buy a few extra minutes of survival on the off chance that hope is just.

Other Information
I am very proud of the crew. We had a very off June as we had many off due to vacations, RL being RL, and basic mission planning. We came roaring back in July. We almost hit 3 posts/person, and would have had we been able to post a few of the monster JPs we have in the works. The future looks bright as we enter this transition period.

Sim Stats:
9 Characters
2 New Players
1 Departed Player
0 Applications Awaiting Approval
26 Posts
2.89 Avg Posts/User

» June 2018 Monthly Report

Posted on Tue Jul 3rd, 2018 @ 5:53pm by Captain Lamar David in General News

Sim Updates
We successfully upgraded our site to reflect the new GDPR guidelines. Our ship is in the process of major destruction, In-Character. There will be a number of crew members who may be switching characters as we are beginning a transition period. I have also posted a news item on the OF page to reflect the state of the mission.

Crew Updates
We had no turnover this month, nor any additions. Ensign Zilas was promoted to Lieutenant JG to reflect his promotion to Chief Engineer.

We are on the lookout for people to take on the First Officer, Chief Flight Control, and Chief Science spots. The First Officer position is a spot that I really am missing and would be very interested in talking to potential players.

Story Elements
We have done alot of behind the scenes work to set up the current state of the Yorktown and the current locations and conditions of the various plot elements and groups scattered about the broken ship. This mission will serve as what transitions us to a new ship that better fits the TGCO spot because Excelsiors have been retired fleetwide in the current timeline.

Other Information
As stated above, much was done behind the scenes with the crew to help iron out our path forward in the mission and as a ship. We also had a few people, including me, took the chance to take a much needed vacation. The posting numbers took a bit of a dive this month, however with the story pieces set I expect those to pick up over the next month and carry on through the newt mission.

» Post-Mission Promotions and Awards

Posted on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 6:45pm by Captain Lamar David in Sim Announcement


With the first mission complete, I want to thank every one of you for making it a success and for all that you do. We've given it our all and I appreciate all of you.

First of all, I want to give out the promotions, or rather promotion. Many of you deserve it, but the majority of rank changes will have to be put off until after the next mission due to story elements in Mission 2.

- Ensign Zilas has now been promoted to Lieutenant JG as well as bumped up to Chief Engineer

Now on to Awards. All of you will be getting the Meritorious Newcomer Award because all of you were awesome from your start. This will also apply to all of you who were here when Mission 1 closed for the Expeditionary/Tour of Duty Award.

First, I want to recognize our longest members with the Service Citation 6 Months Award. All of you have been around since we opened shop and have helped shape the foundation of the Yorktown.
- Lieutenant True Keading
- Lieutenant JG Gavin Iliescu
- Lieutenant JG Anastasia Dragunova
- Lieutenant JG Keval P'Trell

Next, I'd like to hand out the Crew's Choice Award. By and large, this member was nominated by more of you than any other. They joined in hopes of serving as an all around utility player and have gone to great lengths to keep JPs going with everyone. Congratulations!
- Lieutenant JG Keval P'Trell

The next award is the Captain's Choice award. This person had to step into shoes that were already filled, but had to be vacated to to terrible circumstances. However, this player was willing to fit in and hit the ground running. Congratulations!
- Lieutenant JG Zilas

I would now like to award the Outstanding Volunteer Award. The recipient of this award has gone out of their way to not only create stories with everyone, but has reached out to everyone. From making sure that we are ok to helping people find their place, this person has shown to be the heart of the Yorktown. Congratulations!
- Lieutenant True Keading

Last, and certainly not least, I want to take a moment to make an announcement to go along with this award. As many of you know, we lost our first Chief Engineer after a hard fought battle with cancer during the mission. Pete was a fantastic person and unfortunately was not able to have the presence that he wanted due to rapidly failing health. I am going to rename the Ribbon of Merit to the Amran Kolo Award. As such, I would like to posthumously award it to our former Chief.
- Lieutenant JG Amran Kolo

Thank all of you for all that you have done to make the Yorktown a wonderful place. I look forward to our next adventure.

- Capt. Lamar David
Thank all of you

» April Month in Review

Posted on Tue May 1st, 2018 @ 7:22pm by Captain Lamar David in General News


With 100% participation in Discord, I've always sort of seen this area as redundant. However, it is a good place to let potential players see what we are actually doing. With that, I'm going to begin posting all announcements here as well as Discord.

April was filled with some highs and lows for our ship. The worst news was that the player behind our Chief Engineer, Amran Kolo, passed away after a long battle with cancer. The plan is that his character will be retired to a long term assignment on a paradise type world.

In much happier news, I have been promoted to Captain. That shows that we have shown some staying power and my rank now matches my job of TGCO of 72C. I'd like to thank all of you for your hard work in keeping us going for the last six months.

In sim news, we are only a few posts away from ending the current mission. The next mission will bring some big changes as some chances for some major character development.

Thanks everyone,

Captain Lamar David

Latest Mission Posts

» Not Goodbye, Just Until Next Time

Mission: Adrift
Posted on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 @ 5:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Aidan Datari

Though two weeks had passed without incident, Aidan still wasn't sure how Jonah would feel about meeting with him alone. Knowing Callan would be out for a little while, Aidan stepped up to the door and knocked carefully. "No you're not popping in," he firmly told Sherlock, "that'll certainly freak…

» Stay Put

Mission: Adrift
Posted on Fri Sep 28th, 2018 @ 7:59pm by Ensign Syvar & Ensign J Haulval

Sickbay was very busy and for the last hour or so, Syvar had found himself running back and forth between patients. Some in bad shape, while others were seemingly fairing a lot better. The young Vulcan doctor turned to see one of his patients trying to get up from the…

» Exit Nano

Mission: Adrift
Posted on Wed Sep 26th, 2018 @ 8:09pm by Lieutenant JG Shairo & Lieutenant Commander Aidan Datari

Sword in its case, carrying it as if it were a seething hot object he'd rather not touch, Aidan carried the weapon down to engineering. His terror was such, that he chose to carry the weapon in the case, rather than the way he usually wore his swords: across his…

» Next Tuesday in Engineering

Mission: Adrift
Posted on Wed Sep 26th, 2018 @ 8:09pm by Lieutenant JG Shairo & Captain Adamya Ryon

The first view of Main Engineering was certainly impressive. The Rhea held a top of the line warp core that could outperform most of those in the fleet. Main Engineering spread over three decks with the center being the main hub, yet the current state of the Rhea showed more…

» No Bounds

Mission: Adrift
Posted on Tue Sep 25th, 2018 @ 3:58pm by Lieutenant Commander Aidan Datari & Lieutenant Commander Emmony Safford

Emme was literally shaking, she had no idea how Aidan would react to seeing her. He'd left kind of abruptly. She understood that he'd needed time to deal with what had happened to him and what he had done but she'd missed him. He'd been the person she fell back…

Latest Personal Logs

» Torn Feeling 2

Posted on Fri Jan 26th, 2018 @ 1:04am by Lieutenant JG Ezekiel Bagwell

Nothing is the same, as it once was. Life use to be simple. But I only have myself to blame. Why did I have to start up a conversation with her?

It’s the question I keep asking myself?

Right now, the captain has me isolated from the crew, running crew…

» Torn Feelings

Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2018 @ 1:26pm by Lieutenant JG Ezekiel Bagwell

Everywhere I look, I am there, everywhere I have been, there I was. Sounds simple, sounds logical, but its so chaotic.

I am always on the road, I am always there, I am always here, I am always behind and I am always forward.

My mind plays tricks on me.…

» Unwise

Posted on Sat Nov 25th, 2017 @ 1:01pm by Lieutenant JG Ezekiel Bagwell

Computer begin recording.

What the hell was I thinking? How could be so stupid, I swear at times I am such a dumbass.

My new founded friendship with Anna is now on the line.
She has agreed to give me another chance, I have no idea why. I don’t deserve…

» Hand Basket

Posted on Mon Nov 20th, 2017 @ 1:39pm by Lieutenant JG Karis

"Computer, begin personal log." Karis wasn't very good at making personal logs but the past few days confused her. It seemed like a good place to get some of those thoughts down.

"I'm never going to get used to some of these human sayings. Going to Hell in a hand…

» Moving Forward

Posted on Fri Nov 17th, 2017 @ 12:05am by Lieutenant Commander Vox Portland

Vox Portland's Personal Log
Stardate: 71876.2

We've arrived at Langley Station, where we've stopped enroute to gather supplies for our relief mission to Hakton Seven. It was a short trip from the starbase. Getting ready to depart took up most of my free time until tonight, which will include the…